Weconomy Experience

Weconomy Experience is a simulation of an alternate economy. It shows that monetary transactions as a means to determine the value of a service or product leads to seggregation and isolation of responsibility and common goals. The simulation shows that if you opensource the planning, goals and work, monetary transactions are not needed, work is divided more fairly and common goals can be achieved easier.

The app is used in workshops organised by




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Sidekick Mattie

Sidekick Mattie helps students to concentrate on their homework by taking away the stimuli of the internet. Web browsing, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Twitter, Email and other apps that show updates from the web are blocked for a specified time. Every pause of five minutes releases the internet lock. After the pause, the next working timeblock starts.

Sidekick Mattie is a service based on a monthly subscription and is available on Android and iOS.





Initiated by Sidekick Mattie


Controle Alt Delete

ControleAltDelete send report screenControleAltDelete has crowdfunded an app to report unlawful racial profiling by Dutch law enforcement. They are an independent organisation who gathers and monitors reports on racial profiling. Teachwithapps was offered the honour to develop the app in special service to the donators who made this project possible.




Initiated by ControleAltDelete
Design by Ngrane
Back-end by Wizards of Industry
iOS version by GDA Development



LevelUpStudentDashboardLevel-Up is a progress tracking system for students to track their studying progress. Students can complete homework, attend class, do an extra project and follow classes on an online course to collect points. When levelling up they receive a small reward. In the Python programming course, this is a funny Monty Python video.



Initiated by Bo Blanckenburg
Design by Jan Oliehoek