Aren’t mobile phones making people anti-social?

They do. Though social media is the primary cause for the associated behavior, called “FoMO”, short for Fear of Missing Out, accessibility through the mobile phone greatly increases this. We sadly can not remove FoMO from people’s lives through a little bit of app-magic. What we can do is lessen the effect on work or school by turning the mobile phone into a useful tool.



Does everyone need to own a mobile phone?

We find it highly important to be all-inclusive, and take this into account when designing solutions. When we do hit a case where our solution excludes people who do not own a mobile phone, we will talk and search for alternatives with involved parties. A solution may be that the school or workshop provides a few temporary devices, or we supply desktop tools that run the app.



How expensive is developing an app?

Costs for developing an app depend greatly on the demanded features. A basic app with one primary feature and no network communication comes in the range of 500 to 1000 Euro per platform. Here is a list of categories that we use to determine the costs:

  • Default package or all new: we offer some default packages that we can extend for you, reducing costs significantly. If your app has functionality that we already have available, this option may apply.
  • Additional features: we check if existing implementations exist or need to be created manually. The latter will increase costs. How much depends on the complexity of the feature and available support for a platform.
  • Standard styling or company style: having an app matching your company greatly increases quality with only minor additional costs. If you already have a company style, we can apply it to the app easily and have your app look like it’s developer in-house.
  • Standard widgets or custom widgets: custom user-interface elements help to express your company’s taste for quality and experience. However, they tend to become complicated and time consuming to build. Native mobile widgets are a great second choice to keep the app cheap and visually appealing.
  • Server communication: adding the need for a server (such as by having users send messages) increases development costs significantly and introduces continuous costs.
  • Android, iOS, Windows: Android is our technical expertise. If other platforms are desired then we work together with our partners who have their expertise on other platforms.
  • Playstore hosting: For additional costs, we can host your app. We walk you through the administrative steps and have no worries about buying and maintaining a developer account. But keep in mind you can not legally gain complete ownership over the actual application through this way.