About us

We aim to support social workers and educators in their work through the most accessible and widely used technology available: the mobile phone.

Some examples of our work include:

  • Learning tools in and outside the classroom
  • Simplifying administration
  • Make information and knowledge more accessible
  • Support people with disabilities or other disadvantages
  • Offer workshops on Mobile Technology for all ages

Examples of our work can be found on the projects page.



Why Mobile?

The mobile phone is part of everyday life for most of us. While it can bring bad habits to our behaviour, it also gives us a range of benefits that has increased our life standards:

  • Safety: call for help and quickly find crucial information when you are lost or in trouble
  • Accessibility: information, knowledge and wisdom is easily accessible at all times
  • Structure: calendars, todo-lists and alarm-clocks help manage a hectic life
  • Insight: smart graphics, natural gestures and dynamic content greatly helps describing complicated subjects

When analysing social or educational problems, we focus on the benefits that mobile technology has given us and apply the best matching solution to the problem.

You can read more on our Questions page.


How we work

Our applications are developed closely with the client and those who will use the app. The final result can be a small, standalone solution for an educator to apply directly in their work as well as a full-fledged app with accompanying server. The client becomes the owner of the final application and use it as they see fit.

You can read more on our workflow page.




We build applications for education and social work in the broadest sense. Our applications are perfect for educators in schools on all levels as well as workshops, trainings, activism, social initiatives, refugee and homeless centres and charities.

We co-operate with single person initiatives as well as larger companies. Your budget is our starting point. We lay out your available options by balancing your wishes with our skills, and can advise you on the possibilities for acquiring extra funds through crowd-funding, subsidies or app monetization.




Teachwithapps is run by Jos van Egmond, a Dutch educator and developer.
Feel free to contact us for any questions. We will advise you in your best course of action.

Jos van Egmond
Tel: +31 (0) 613937452
Email: info@teachwithapps.com

Jos van Egmond